Give the gift of Nudge


Recognition on AMPT makes people happier.



It only takes 47 seconds....

Giving recognition to a fellow co-worker, friend or family member is quick and easy. Whether it's for a job well done, helping around the house, or just letting someone know you're thinking about them - it's impactful.  And now we are giving YOU the chance to do it yourself.


  1. Think about who you are nudging (giving recognition to) and make sure you have their email address.
  2. Select the core value (below) that your nudge recipient embodied.
  3. Fill out the form, hit "send" and enjoy!

 There are no catches and we will not email anybody you send a nudge to (other than to let them know they've been recognized). We want you to make someones day.

Core VAlues

These are our core values and we live them out every single day.  Now we're lending them out to you. Below are the core values and what they mean.  Select the one that best embodies who you're nudging.  Learn more about who we are, too.



Delivers 'wow' with service, is adventerous and passionate. 

Enjoy the Ride.png


Celebrates successes, is infectiously positive and has fun!

Rebel Genius Innovation.png


Thinks differently, isn't a follower and values simplicity.



Possesses indomintable fortitude, has a plan and owns the solution.

What's a nudge?

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Nudge Someone